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The Yale Babylonian Collection (sometimes just Babylonian Collection ) is a comprehensive collection of cuneiform tablets kept at Yale University . The Babylonian Collection comprises around 45,000 categorized objects; among other things artifacts, seals, administrative documents and oment texts from the period between 3000 BC. And the early Christian period.

It was founded in 1909 by a foundation by John Pierpont Morgan .


The Babylonian Collection's cuneiform collections are divided into six groups:

  • GCC: Goucher College Collection, founded by Raymond Dougherty
  • MLC: Morgan Library Collection, formerly in the Morgan Library in New York
  • NBC: Nies Babylonian Collection, founded by James B. Nies
  • NCBS / NCBT: Newell Collection of Babylonian Seals and Newell Collection of Babylonian Tablets
  • RBC: Rosen Babylonian Collection, founded by Jonathan P. Rosen
  • YBC: Yale Babylonian Collection, founded in 1909 by Albert T. Clay


The published texts have appeared in seven series:

  • BIN: Babylonian Inscriptions in the Collection of James B. Nies
  • BRM: Babylonian Records in the Library of J. Pierpont Morgan
  • GCCI: Goucher College Cuneiform Inscriptions
  • TBC: Texts from the Babylonian Collection
  • YNER: Yale Near Eastern Researches
  • YOS / YOSBT: Yale Oriental Series
  • YOSR: Yale Oriental Series, Researches

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