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Tenth denotes the tenth part of a whole, i.e. a factor 1/10 or 10 −1 . “Dezi” is used as a prefix for a unit of measurement .


One tenth corresponds to a percentage of 10%. The multiplication by 1/10 corresponds to the division by 10 and is therefore carried out in writing by moving the decimal separator one place to the left. When determining 1/10 of a route, i.e. the route division by 10, there is no special procedure, so the classic approach.

Special occurrences

  • As tithe , a tax to be paid in kind to clergymen of around one tenth (10%).
  • Tenth marathon . A long-distance run over a tenth of the marathon distance, i.e. 4219.50 m. Especially as an event for young people.
  • As a tenth (unit) , a historical Nassau volume measure.

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