Journal of Business Law

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Journal of Business Law

description German legal journal
Area of ​​Expertise Commercial law
publishing company RWS Verlag
Headquarters Cologne
First edition 1980
Frequency of publication weekly
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The Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsrecht (ZIP) is a legal journal that covers the areas of corporate , commercial , banking and insolvency law . It appears weekly in the RWS Verlag Kommunikationforum ( Cologne ) and is aimed equally at judges , lawyers , insolvency administrators , corporate lawyers and legal scholars .

The ZIP was introduced in January 1980 under the title Insolvenzrecht - Zeitschrift für die Insolvenzpraxis and in August 1980 it was renamed the Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsrecht und Insolvenzpraxis . It has had today's title since January 1983, but the abbreviation "ZIP" has been retained.

You can refer to individual articles by specifying the abbreviation "ZIP", the year and the page. In the case of references to court decisions that have been printed in the ZIP, the court is also named. For example, the information "BGH ZIP 2005, 311" stands for a decision by the Federal Court of Justice ("individual authorization"), which was printed on page 311 and, if applicable, on the following pages from the year 2005.

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