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Logo of the watch brand Zeppelin
Name giver Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin

Zeppelin is a German watch brand that is manufactured and sold by PointTec Products Electronic GmbH from Ismaning . The collection includes mechanical wristwatches with Miyota movements ( Citizen Watch ), both with manual and automatic movements, and quartz watches , most of which are equipped with Swiss Ronda movements . The clocks are made in Ruhla , Thuringia .


Ronda startech quartz movement 5040.F

PointTec was founded in 1988 by Willi Birk in Ismaning near Munich , with the aim of offering a high-quality European alternative to the inexpensive Asian watches that flooded the German watch market during the quartz crisis . The German watch industry almost came to a standstill and many companies went bankrupt, and the number of employees in the traditional watch industry fell massively.

In the 1990s, PointTec acquired the license rights for the name "Zeppelin" and has been manufacturing watches under this name since 2002. The name Zeppelin is reminiscent of the German aviation pioneer Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin (1838–1917). The founder of rigid airship construction built the airships that still bear his name today. The optics of the clocks are strongly based on the times of German airship construction in the first decades of the 20th century.

In terms of price, the timepieces range between around 150 and 2000 euros. The Zeppelin brand is therefore in the affordable price range, but with high quality. The watches are made by hand in the watch factory in Ruhla.

Watch models (selection)

The Zeppelin LZ129 "Hindenburg" with moon phase display
  • Zeppelin 76801_s Series 100 years of Zeppelin.
  • Zeppelin 8670-3 series 100 years of the Zeppelin.
  • Zeppelin 7048-3 series LZ129 Hindenburg.
  • Zeppelin 8644-3 Series LZ126 Los Angeles.
  • Zeppelin 7135-5 series LZ120 Rome Lady.
  • Zeppelin 7154 series LZ120 Rome.

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