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Zim Desktop Wiki with Calendar
Zim Desktop Wiki with Calendar
Basic data

developer Jaap Karssenberg
Current  version 0.73.2
( July 24, 2020 )
operating system Linux , Windows , macOS
programming language python
category Wiki software
License GPL ( Free Software )
German speaking Yes
Others Can be used without installation by MSYS2 and Zim-Source.Template: Infobox software / maintenance / other

Zim is a desktop wiki , with the notes, appointments and to-do lists can be organized. It saves the information in human-readable text files with markup codes for typical highlighting such as headings, bold and italic fonts. Images and other files can be integrated into the text. Because wiki pages are saved in text format, Zim can easily be used with distributed version control systems such as Mercurial or Git , which makes it very easy to synchronize notebooks with other devices and users.

There are several plug-ins for Zim ; for example the integration of a calendar or the insertion of mathematical formulas using LaTeX . An entire database (“notebook”) can be exported to HTML documents.

It is written in Python and has a GTK + -based graphical user interface (using PyGTK and Py GObject ). The first (test) version was published on September 21, 2005. Up to and including version 0.29, Zim was written in Perl .


Zim is distributed as free software also in source code under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). It is available precompiled for Linux and Windows systems and can also be run on macOS , the easiest way is with MacPorts . Under Arch Linux , Fedora , Debian and Ubuntu it is possible to install Zim directly from the package sources . Zim also works under Maemo on the Nokia N900 Internet Tablet in an adapted version.

The Windows setup file offered does not require admin rights and can be "installed" with a selection in the setup routine "portable".

See also

  • TiddlyWiki , an alternative that saves the whole database in one HTML file

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