Shaggy tails

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The division of living beings into systematics is a continuous subject of research. Different systematic classifications exist side by side and one after the other. The taxon treated here has become obsolete due to new research or is not part of the group systematics presented in the German-language Wikipedia.


The term shaggy tails or bristle tails (Thysanura) used to summarize primarily wingless forms of insects into their own insect order. Due to recent anatomical findings, these are now divided into the two groups of rock jumpers (Archaeognatha) and fish (Zygentoma), with the fish forming the dicondylia together with the flying insects due to the formation of their mandibles .

In the English-language literature, on the other hand, the term Thysanura is mostly still used for the order of the fish (Zygentoma), whereby the excreted, ancestral older order carries the name Archaeognatha .

Fossil representatives of the order Thysanura were found in amber, the oldest in Baltic amber (older than 40 million years).


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