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38. Zöppkesmarkt, Untere Hauptstr.
38. Zöppkesmarkt, view of Linkgasse
38. Zöppkesmarkt, stand detail

The Zöppkesmarkt is a year since 1969 in Solingen taking place flea market .

Originally the market was initiated by the Solingen entrepreneur Karl-Ernst Evertz as an alternative to the traditional fair. The Zöppkesmarkt owes its name to the simple paring knife , which is called "Zöppken" in Solingen , and which was sold for a long time along with other iron goods typical of the city and is still partly sold today.

The market

The Zöppkesmarkt is known far beyond the borders of the city of blades and has developed into one of the largest street junk markets in North Rhine-Westphalia . The main part of the stands will u. a. Provided by associations, schools, friendly community groups and children. Traditional stands attract their customers with fashion shows , theater and cabaret to sell the junk and at the same time to compete for the honorary award for the most original stand. Miss Zöpfchen, who was chosen by the Solinger Tageblatt for the Zöppkesmarkt, also appears there and awards prizes for the most beautiful and best stands.

In 2013 the market got a new management, which wanted to breathe the charm of the past into the market again.

The Zöppkesmarkt can be found every year on the second weekend in September (Friday to Monday) in the pedestrian zone in downtown Solingen.

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