Solinger Tageblatt

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Solinger Tageblatt
description German daily newspaper
publishing company B. Boll, Verlag des Solinger Tageblattes
GmbH & Co. KG
First edition July 1, 1809
Frequency of publication working days
Sold edition 17,517 copies
( IVW 2/2020, Mon-Sat)
Editor-in-chief Stefan M. Kob
executive Director Bernhard Boll , Michael Boll
Web link
Publishing house B. Boll, Solinger Tageblatt

The Solinger Tageblatt (short ST ) is the oldest Solingen daily newspaper and one of the oldest in Germany. It is published by Verlag Bernhard Boll and has the largest circulation of all newspapers published in Solingen with a sold circulation of 17,517 copies, a decrease of 41.2 percent since 1998 .

The ST was one of the last afternoon newspapers in Germany for a long time before it was also switched to morning delivery.


On July 1, 1809, appeared heralds "a weekly entertaining and instructive" once a week with a first edition of 45 pieces. The publisher and editor-in-chief was the printer Carl Siebel. In 1822 the paper was renamed the Solinger Wochenblatt and in 1825 its circulation was already around 250 copies. Since 1834 the sheet has been called the Solinger Kreis-Intellektivenblatt and was called that until 1912.

Carl Siebel transferred the company to his son-in-law ND Hoffmann in 1855, from whom it passed to B. Boll in 1867, whose family still owns it today. On October 1, 1888, the paper became a daily newspaper.

On October 1, 1912, the name was again changed to Solinger Tageblatt . The publisher stayed the same. The number of columns was reduced from 5 to 3 (today there are 6) and the machine set was introduced. But pictures were still not possible in the short time it takes to produce a daily newspaper.

At the end of the Second World War , the Solinger Tageblatt , like all German newspapers, had to cease publication, but from December 1949 it was allowed to appear again. Since the publishing and printing building had fallen victim to the war, the publisher entered into an editorial partnership with the then Generalanzeiger Wuppertal and the Remscheider General-Anzeiger , the Bergischer Newspapers Working Group . The editorial office in Solingen is therefore not a full editorial office , but only produces the local section. The coat is obtained from the main editorial office of the Westdeutsche Zeitung in Wuppertal .

At the end of 2011, the Solinger Tageblatt publishing house acquired all title and publishing rights to the Remscheider General-Anzeiger with its head editions Wermelskirchener General-Anzeiger, Hückeswagener Stadtanzeiger and Radevormwalder Zeitung from JF Ziegler KG Druckerei und Verlag .


Since 2006, the Solinger Tageblatt publisher has been running the regional online advertising portal together with other newspaper publishers .

In 2007 the Solinger Tageblatt introduced a new layout together with the WZ and the RGA. Since January 1st, 2009 all pages in the Solinger Tageblatt have been in full color .

The editor-in-chief and publishing director are both Stefan M. Kob.


The Solinger Tageblatt has lost a lot of its circulation in recent years . The number of copies sold has fallen by an average of 3.3% per year over the past 10 years. Last year it decreased by 4.6%. It is currently 17,517 copies. The share of subscriptions in the circulation sold is 87.9 percent.

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