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A complete editorial staff at a newspaper is achieved when the essential parts of the newspaper, called the mantle (mostly of the political, economic and national sports section of the newspaper), by its own editorial staff created this newspaper and not adopted by other editors will. In this case one speaks of a full newspaper as opposed to a head sheet (or also: mantle newspaper ).


Up until the 1970s, even with smaller newspapers, there were almost exclusively full editorial teams who wrote and created all the articles for their publications themselves. Today the trend, especially with local and regional newspapers, is moving to blank editorial offices for cost reasons. Even large national newspapers today sometimes do without a full editorial office. Since April 2010 the Frankfurter Rundschau has been part of the DuMont editorial community , which also includes the Berliner Zeitung , the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger and the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung (with 40 of the 190 editorial posts being cut) .

Individual evidence

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