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Éric Valli (* 1952 in Dijon ) is a French photographer and film director.


After completing an apprenticeship as a carpenter, he decided at the age of 18 to devote himself to photography instead. He toured Afghanistan , the Middle East and India . In the mid-1970s, he settled in Kathmandu . From then on he was mainly active in the Himalayan mountains and created photographs for illustrated books and magazines such as National Geographic and Geo . He also made documentaries, around 1988 Chasseurs de miel and 1990 Chasseurs de tenébrès . The latter was nominated for an Oscar for " best documentary short film ".

With Himalaya - The Childhood of a Caravan Leader , he made a feature film about a people in the Himalayas who live from yak breeding. The film released in 1999 was also intended to be a documentary, but the producer suggested turning the material into a feature film. This won several awards and was nominated for “ best foreign language film ” at the 2000 Academy Awards for Nepal's contribution .

Another feature film followed in 2006 with The Trail, about a fourteen-year-old European who, after her mother's death, goes to live with her father in Africa, who works there as a geologist. This film was far less successful than Himalaya - The Childhood of a Caravan Leader .


  • 1988: Chasseurs de miel
  • 1990: Chasseurs de tenébrès
  • 1999: Himalaya - The childhood of a caravan driver ( Himalaya - l'enfance d'un chef )
  • 2002: The Biggest Step
  • 2006: The Trail
  • 2011: Himalayan Gold Rush (gold rush in the Himalayas)


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