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The Federal Association Austrian folk dance has some dances than in 1956 Austrian basic dances selected to dancing together dancers from various Austrian federal states allow. Above all, forms were chosen that were recorded in as many regions as possible.

Originally there were 12 dance forms with dance, in 1962 this list was expanded to 20 basic dances, they now form the basis for folk dance training, as well as for folk dance festivals and open dancing throughout Austria .

List of basic dances

These dances recommended for all of Austria are:

  • Extended eight basic dances from 1962:
    1. Ice waltz
    2. Waldjäger (Mühlviertel)
    3. Puchberger Scottish
    4. Spinning wheel
    5. Paschate two steps
    6. Kaiserlandler
    7. Marching polka
    8. Simple turner

More detailed descriptions

These basic dances and many other dances are available on both in two-part notes with bass numbering, as well as in fingering for Styrian harmonica , each with a comprehensible dance description, as well as in Capella 2004 file, in midi file two-part with basic basses, if available also with lyrics.

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