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Type: Paartanz ( Society dance )
Music: Folk music / alpine rock
Time signature : 2/4 time
Tempo: 50 cycles per minute (i.e. 100 bpm )
Origin: Austria
Creation time: ~ after 1800
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Hiatamadl is the name of an alpine folk dance that is very popular in Austria and Bavaria .

The name is derived from the well-known dance song: Koa Hiatamadl mog i net, hot koane dickn Wadln net, ... ("I don't like a cattle herding girl , because she has no big calves ...")

Dance sequence

There are numerous varieties of this dance in Austria , Franconia and Bavaria . A form from the Province of Salzburg is described below:

  • Dancer and dancer in juxtaposition, but both turned somewhat in the direction of the dance. Ordinary round dance version.
  • Measure 1: In the first eighth note, unloaded putting forward the outer feet. Only the bales lightly touch the ground. Put back and strain in the 3rd eighth note.
  • Measure 2: The same forward and backward positioning of the inner feet.
  • Cycle 3 and 4: With 4 turning steps, 2 (or only one) turns clockwise .

Hubert von Goisern and his Alpinkatzen were able to storm the hit parades in 1992 with a pop version of the Hiatamadl .

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