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coat of arms
coat of arms
State : Lithuania Lithuania
District : Vilnius
Rajong municipality : Švenčionys
Founded : Before the end of the 17th century
Coordinates : 55 ° 9 ′  N , 26 ° 0 ′  E Coordinates: 55 ° 9 ′  N , 26 ° 0 ′  E
Inhabitants (place) : 6,242 (2009)
Time zone : EET (UTC + 2)
Postal code : 18022
Status: City, center of
a part of the municipality
Švenčionėliai (Lithuania)

Švenčionėliai ( German  Neuschwintzen ) is a town and center of the rural office of the same name of the Rajongemeinde Švenčionys in eastern Lithuania , ten kilometers west of Švenčionys . The Žeimena River flows through the city.


The first mention is from the end of the 17th century. In 1920 Švenčionėliai was granted town charter and confirmed in 1939. In 1959 St. Edvard's Church Švenčionėliai was built. In 1996 the Lithuanian President confirmed the city's coat of arms.

Before the Second World War, around 900 Jews lived in the city, more than half of the population. After the German occupation on June 24, 1941, there was a massacre of 43 Jews by the Lithuanian police. A forced ghetto was set up in September 1941, and the inmates were deported to another camp at the end of the same month and murdered there.

Sons and daughters


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