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ADULT. is a band from Detroit , consisting of Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller, specializing in electroclash . Her biggest commercial success was the single hand to phone . The website describes the style of music as "retro electro [...] with a touch of new wave".


After the project was initially planned as a short-term collaboration, the group was founded under the name PLASMA Co. in 1997 in Detroit. Since the collaboration was more successful than expected, Miller decided not to continue his solo project Artificial Material, but instead went to ADULT. to concentrate. Their first single, Modern Romantics , was released in 1998 as a 12-inch record on the now defunct German label Electrecord.

The second single Dispassionate Furniture was meanwhile on ADULT. Changed band names published at Ersatz Audio. The label was founded in 1995 by the band members themselves.

The Dutch label Clone Records became aware of the band in 2000 and released the single Hand to Phone , among other things . The following year the first album Resuscitation followed , a collection of the first four singles. The second album Anxiety Always was released in 2003, followed by a dissolute tour of the US and Europe. The Thrill Jockey label took over the release of their third album Gimmie Trouble in 2005 . Until 2006 the band toured around the world with a total of 81 live performances. Her fourth album Why Bother? Was also released on Thrill Jockey .

Discography (excerpt)


  • 2001: Resuscitation (replacement audio)
  • 2003: Anxiety Always (replacement audio)
  • 2005: Gimmie Trouble (Thrill Jockey)
  • 2007: Why Bother? (Thrill Jockey)


  • 1998: Dispassionate Furniture (replacement audio)
  • 1999: Entertainment (replacement audio)
  • 2000: New Phonies (Clone Records)
  • 2000: Nausea (replacement audio)
  • 2002: Misinterpreted (replacement audio)
  • 2002: Limited Edition (replacement audio)
  • 2003: scissorsUntitled (Clone Records)
  • 2003: The Controlled Edition (replacement audio)
  • 2004: Split T&E (replacement audio)
  • 2004: split / split / split (replacement audio)
  • 2005: DUME (Thrill Jockey)

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