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AbiWord 2.8.6 under Windows 7
AbiWord 2.8.6 under Windows 7
Basic data

developer The AbiWord Project
Publishing year December 1, 1998
Current  version 3.0.4 (Windows: 2.8.6)
(November 27, 2019)
operating system Linux
programming language C ++
category Word processing program
License GNU GPL
German speaking Yes
AbiWord 2.8.2 on Ubuntu 10.04

AbiWord is a free , GPL- licensed word processing program available on Linux . AbiWord is no longer maintained for other operating systems such as macOS , SkyOS and AmigaOS 4. Due to the lack of Windows developers, the last version for Windows is still Abiword 2.8.6 and is no longer offered on the manufacturer's website. The name "AbiWord" is derived from the root of the Spanish word "abierto" for "open".


Development of the program was started in early 1998 by a young company in Illinois .

AbiWord was the first word processing program to save documents in XML . The first official version was released and published in April 2002.

AbiWord is limited to the basic functions of word processing such as format templates, tables , footnotes and an automatically generated table of contents. The user interface is based on Microsoft Word . The software is cross-platform, can be expanded using plug-ins and offers easy data exchange with other Office applications. AbiWord is available in many languages; there are dictionaries in 30 different languages. The program supports MathML for inserting mathematical expressions and also includes a Wikipedia plug-in for looking up entries.

AbiWord has import / export filters for the file formats RTF , MS Word , OpenOffice.org Writer, HTML and LaTeX . From version 2.4.2 there is also a complete import / export filter for the OpenDocument format.

A portable version for Windows was also offered. This can be started without installing a hard drive or USB stick . From version 2.4.2 AbiWord supported the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet .

As part of the “One laptop per child” project at MIT , AbiWord is to be installed as the standard word processor for the OLPC XO-1 (so-called “100 dollar laptop”). If the planned total production of 100 to 200 million laptops is reached, it can be assumed that the program will be widely used in the participating developing countries.

From version 2.8.1, AbiWord no longer needs GNOME dependencies (e.g. gnome-print).

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