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The Abioi were a legendary ancient people.

In the Iliad they are in addition to the Galaktophagen and Hippemolgen shown as the equitable test people. They are identical to the Gabioi mentioned in Aeschylus . According to Homer and Stephanos of Byzantium , the Abioi lived in a paradise-like, fertile land that did not have to be cultivated, but still produced the richest fruit. The Abioi have been the subject of much research in ancient literature. Some scholars thought they were a real people who lived in a part of Scythia ; others thought it was an invention of Homer. Other researchers considered Abioi to be an appellative that also referred to the Scythians or the Sarmatians . Still others tried to derive the name from the Greek .

According to Stephanos of Byzantium, the Abioi got their name from an otherwise unknown river Abianos ( Ἀβιανός ).