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Academic monthly books, cover with Rudelsburg , 1907

The Academic Monthly Hefts (AM) were a monthly journal founded in 1884. It was discontinued in 1913 and converted into the Deutsche Corpszeitung .


The founder was the publicist Paul Salvisberg , who wanted to create an organ primarily for the Kösener Corps students who had published their official reports and communications since 1872 in the Kladderadatsch , which was widespread in academic circles . The editorial office was initially located at Erolzheim Palace and moved to Munich in 1885 . In 1886, the Kösener Congress recognized the Academic Monthly Booklet as the official organ of the Kösener Seniors Convents Association . In 1890 a permanent editorial committee was formed to assist the editorial team. When the Congress in 1893 abolished the compulsory subscription for active and inactive corps students introduced two years earlier, Salvisberg got into economic difficulties and geared the content entirely to his corps student clientele. Other contributions to academic issues of the day as well as academic and general educational articles were largely omitted. The Academic monthly notebooks remained an important forum for contributions to the history of students, in which non-Corps student authors also published. Regular employees included the historian Wilhelm Fabricius , who, along with Salvisberg, was one of the founders of the newspaper and temporarily acted as its deputy, and the literary historian John Koch .

After further disputes about the orientation, Salvisberg withdrew completely from the project in 1894. The magazine passed into the possession of the previous deputy editor Karl Rügemer. The decline in subscriber numbers, complaints about the content and economic problems prompted the Kösener Congress and the Congress of Deputies of the Association of Old Corps Students in 1913, at the suggestion of Carl Heyer, to set up a permanent commission for the restructuring of the corps organ (Corps newspaper committee), which was given the right to establish a to conclude a new contract with Rügemer. At Heyer's instigation, the Academic monthly books were renamed Deutsche Corpszeitung at the beginning of the 30th year (1913/14) .


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