Adherbal (Numidia)

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Adherbal ( Berber ⴰⴷⵉⵔⴱⴰⵍ Adirbal ) was from 118 to 112 BC. King of the Numidian Massylians .

He came to power as the son of King Micipsa , but under pressure from the Romans had to share the empire with his brother Hiempsal and Jugurtha . Nevertheless, the power struggle with Jugurtha soon broke out. After the murder of Hiempsal by Jugurtha, Numidia was again divided by the Romans, with Adherbal being assigned the eastern half of the empire. 112 BC BC Jugurtha conquered Cirta and killed Adherbal. Since Roman citizens were killed in this conquest, the Jugurthin War with the Roman Republic (111-105 BC) ensued.


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