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An adlatus is a (subordinate) assistant , helper, or assistant. He is comparable to the adjutant in military parlance. Today the term is mostly used in jest.

There is often uncertainty in German about the correct plural form. The Duden uses “Adlaten” as the plural. "Adlatusse" is used colloquially. In dictionary entries and metalinguistic discussions, "Adlatus" (with a long -u-) is sometimes given as the plural, which is at best a hyper-correct form because it incorrectly assigns the word to the Latin u-declension , while in Latin it is actually the o-declension ( Past participle passive of adferre) and is used with plural adlati .

The uncertainty is due to the difficulty of etymology, as aide in dictionaries or encyclopedias mostly from ad latus is (standing) derived aside ': latus follows as corpus of consonantal declension , so that the accusative (to the preposition ad rules ) latus is . The construction with the accusative neuter latus does not allow a grammatically correct plural "Adlati" (and also no plural "Adlatus" after the u-declension). In terms of content, however, the derivation as a participle from afferre ( affero, attuli, adlatum ) 'bring about', 'teach', 'add' is less plausible in terms of content , according to which an adlatus as "adjunct", "entrusted", "buried" is to be understood in analogy to the praelatus 'preferred', 'superior'. The derivation from ad latus does not have to be wrong because the plural form “Adlati” can also be motivated by folk etymology from afferre .

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