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Famulus or female Famula ( Latin "helper", "servant", "servant", plural famuli / famulae , related to familia , actually "family member") stands for:

  • A medical or pharmacy student who is completing an internship that is prescribed in Germany and Austria, known as an internship
  • historically, in many academic courses, a high school pupil or student doing an internship - also with lawyers
  • a student assistant who carries out supporting activities in teaching, research and service, see research assistant
  • literary the famulus Wagner with Faust. A tragedy.
  • Famulus (painter) , Roman painter under Nero
  • Famulus (robot) , robot from the Kuka Roboter company
  • RS14 "Famulus", one of the first tractors / farm tractors manufactured in the GDR
  • in the Middle Ages unfree, sometimes also free ( Liber Famulus ), who had been appointed to a particularly honorable service by his king or landlord; see squire .

Famula is the family name of the following people:

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