AfP - Journal for Media and Communication Law

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AfP - Journal for Media and Communication Law

description Legal journal
publishing company Publishing house Dr. Otto Schmidt
First edition 1969
Frequency of publication bi-monthly
Editor-in-chief Stefanie Fuchs-Galilea
editor Christian Berger, Ulf Brühann, Emanuel H. Burkhardt, Karl-Eberhard Hain, Verena Hoene, Gernot Lehr, Christian Löffler, Roger Mann, Karl-Nikolaus Peifer, Jörg Soehring, Christian von Coelln, Vera von Pentz, Georg Wallraf, Johannes Weberling
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magazine for media and communication law
ISSN (print)

The AfP - Journal for Media and Communication Law ( AfP ) is a bimonthly legal journal from the publishing house Dr. Otto Schmidt . Until 2013 it was published by the Handelsblatt publishing group . It emerged from the “Archive for Press Law”, was first published in 1969 and is today one of the leading journals in the specialist field of media and telecommunications law . The magazine is cited as "AfP".

In the decision part of the AfP, current legal developments in the media categories press , books , radio , television and multimedia are presented and commented on in essays and short articles. Media-political events and important European developments deal with sections such as “Looking to Brussels” or “Media cartel law”. The content of the trade journal also regularly includes a detailed book review and an overview of relevant new publications.

The AfP is aimed at publishers, journalists, specialist editors, publishing executives, artistic directors, program managers, legal advisors in publishing houses and media companies, judges, lawyers and lecturers at universities and technical schools.

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