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The Agence Spatiale Algérienne (abbreviation: ASAL ; Arabic الوكالة الفضائية الجزائرية, DMG al-Wikāla al-Fiḍāʾiyya al-Ǧazāʾiriyya ) is the space agency of the North African state of Algeria . It was founded on January 16, 2002 in Bouzaréah , a suburb of Algiers .

The Algerian space agency is participating in the Disaster Monitoring Constellation . Algeria also works in many other cosmic areas with various other states (including the United States of America, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Germany, France, the United Kingdom) and their space organizations.

The Algerian space development center Center de développement spatial is located in Oran .

The director is General Azzedine Oussedik.

Organizational units of the ASAL

The Agence Spatiale Algérienne consists of four central areas which are listed below in English and French:

  • Center of Space Techniques (CTS) / Center des Techniques Spatiales (CTS)
  • Space Applications Center (SAC) / Center des Applications Spatiales (CAS)
  • Satellite Development Center (SDC) / Center de Développement des Satellites (CDS)
  • Operating Systems Telecommunications (HKT) Center / Center d'exploitation des Systèmes de Télécommunications (CEST)

Algerian satellites

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