Aigeis (phyle)

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Aigeis ( ancient Greek Αἰγηίς ) was the second of ten administrative regions ( Phylen ) into which Kleisthenes entered during his reforms at the end of the 6th century BC. BC divided the Attic peninsula . Of the three earlier zones of Attica, Aigeis probably included the Trittyen Kollytos (from the urban area), Epakria (from the inland) and Araphen (from the coastal area).

The region included the Athens districts of Kollytos (near the Acropolis ) and Kolonos (the birthplace of Sophocles , in which he had one of his Oedipus dramas ), but also areas far to the east; the today's small towns of Artemida and Rafina, for example, counted as Demoi Halai Araphenides and Araphen to the coastal trittys of Aigeis.

The phyle owes its name to the mythical king Aigeus ; a statue of the eponym was to be admired near the agora .



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