Ajo I.

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Ajo I († 642 at Siponto ) was Duke of Benevento from 641 to 642 .


Ajo was the son of Arichis I and was his successor as Duke of Benevento in 641, although Arichis had chosen Ajo's foster brothers Raduald and Grimoald to be his successors shortly before his death .

Since Ajo was apparently mentally insane, the duchy had to be administered by a reign of his foster brothers Raduald and Grimoald. In 642 Slavic looters landed near Siponto on the Adriatic coast. Ajo set out personally to drive away the invaders at the head of his troops, but he got with his horse into one of the pitfalls dug by the Slavs around their camp, where he was overpowered and slain by them.

When Raduald learned of Ajo's death, he attacked and drove out the Slavs. Raduald Ajo was then successor.



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