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Raduald (also: Radoald, Radwald ; † 647 ) was Duke of Benevento from 642 to 647 .


Raduald was born around 600 as the son of dux Gisulf II of Friuli and his wife Romilda. Around 610 his father was killed in defense of Friuli against the Avars . Raduald and his brothers Taso, Cacco and Grimoald were captured with their mother and four sisters and abducted. On the way to Pannonia, the brothers escaped and returned to Friuli.

Around 614 Gisulf II's sons, Taso and Cacco, the duces of Friuli, were murdered by patricius Gregor. Her brothers Raduald and Grimoald , both "almost of their youth" ( iam prope iuvenilem aetatem ), went to Arichis I , her former teacher, who welcomed them in a friendly manner. Hodgkin assumes that Arichis was the tutor of her father Gisulf II and her uncle Grasulf II.

After the death of Duke Arichis I in 641, his son Ajo I became heir to the throne; but since he was insane, a reign was established under Ajo's foster brothers Raduald and Grimoald. Ajo fell the next year (642) at Siponto while trying to drive away Slavic looters who had landed on the coast. When Raduald learned of Ajo's death, he attacked and drove out the Slavs. Thereupon Raduald, probably with the consent of the Longobard king Rothari , was Ajo's successor. Raduald, who knew the language of the Slavs, managed to get them to withdraw. He himself died five years after taking office in Benevento . His brother Grimoald, who later also became king of the Lombards, was appointed as his successor.



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predecessor Office successor
Ajo I. Duke of Benevento
Grimoald I.