Akai MPC 60

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Akai MPC60

The Akai MPC 60 ( MIDI Production Center ) is a piece of hardware that consists of a sampler and a sequencer .

It was launched in 1988 and was created by Akai together with Roger Linn . The sequencer is pattern-oriented, the sampler is polyphonic with 16 voices. He pioneered a whole generation of products and is still quite popular today.

Typical are the 16 velocity sensitive pads on the surface of the desk, which allow easy handling of the assigned samples. In contrast to today's 16-bit or 24-bit samplers, it only records with 12 bits.

The now legendary Akai MPC 60 owes its popularity to well-known hip-hop and contemporary R&B producers , including DJ Shadow , Dr. Dre and DJ Premier .

In 1991 a second version of the MPC-60 came out. The case was changed and a headphone jack was added. Roger Linn later released a new operating system (3.10) which integrated most of the functions of the MPC 3000 into the device. In addition, a SCSI interface was developed in parallel by the Marion company.

Successor models

  • Akai MPC 60 II (1991), which has a different housing and an additional headphone output
  • Akai MPC 3000 (1994), which samples with 16 bit and, in addition to built-in effects, had a number of innovations ready
  • Akai MPC 2000 (1997), intended as an affordable entry-level model; Effects and additional outputs must be purchased separately
  • Akai MPC 2000 XL (1999), slight extensions compared to the MPC 2000
  • Akai MPC 4000 (2002), high end flagship of the MPC series with 24 bit / 96 kHz , effects
  • Akai MPC 1000 (2003), new product of the MPC family, small and inexpensive and with USB port and Compactflash card
  • Akai MPC 2500 (2005), the latest MPC in the classic MPC design. Pads, sequencer and user interface with new functions, 32-voice drum / phrase sampler with 16 MB built-in memory
  • Akai MPC 500 (2007), the latest MPC in the classic MPC design. 12 pads, sequencer and user interface with familiar functions, 32-voice drum / phrase sampler with 16 MB built-in memory, battery operated
  • Akai MPC 5000 (2009), newest MPC with built-in synthesizer

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