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Dinar of al-Muttaqi with his name and that of Bidschkam

Al-Muttaqi ( Arabic أبو إسحاق إبراهيم بن جعفر المقتدر المتقي لله, DMG Abū Isḥāq Ibrāhīm b. Ǧaʿfar al-Muqtadir al-Muttaqī llāh ; †  968 ) was the twenty-first caliph of the Abbasids (940–944).

Abu Ishaq Ibrahim ibn Ja'far al-Muqtadir al-Muttaqi llah was installed as the successor to his brother ar-Rādī (934-940). He was completely powerless at the mercy of the clashes between the Turkish and Iranian military leaders.

Because of the increasing anarchy resulting from the fighting, riots and famine broke out in Baghdad again and again . The situation came to a head that al-Muttaqi fled to Mosul and appointed the Hamdanid Nasir ad-Daula as regent. Although the Hamdanids occupied Baghdad in 942 and 944, they could not hold their own against the various military leaders of the mercenary troops. After al-Muttaqi fled to Mosul again in 944, he was lured back to Baghdad, where he was deposed and blinded on October 12, 944 .

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ar-Rādī Abbasid Caliph