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Abū l-Qāsim ʿAbdallāh ibn al-Muktafī ( Arabic أبوالقاسم عبد الله بن المكتفي) with the throne name al-Mustakfī bi-Llāh (المستكفي بالله / 'The one contenting himself with God'), was the twenty-second caliph of the Abbasids (944–946).

Under al-Mustakfī, the struggles for regent status continued unabated. The caliphs' financial crisis, inflation and famine continued to increase. When the Hamdanids in Azerbaijan and Syria were bound, the Shiite Buyids succeeded in conquering Iraq and occupying Baghdad in 945 . As such, they became patrons of the caliphs and took over the government.

The caliph remained the only religious head of the Sunni Muslims. Al-Mustakfī was deposed and blinded on January 29, 946 when he was suspected of acting against the interests of the Buyids. As successor al- Mutīʿ (946-974) was used.


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al-Muttaqi Abbasid Caliph