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Clifford Edmund Bosworth, FBA (born December 29, 1928 in Sheffield , † February 28, 2015 in Yeovil ) was a British historian and Orientalist whose focus was on Arabic and Iranian studies.

Clifford Edmund Bosworth (2011)

life and work

Bosworth received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oxford . From there he moved to the Scottish University of Edinburgh , where he obtained his master's degree and received his doctorate.

He has taught at St Andrews University and the University of Manchester and the Center for the Humanities at Princeton University . He was also visiting professor at the University of Exeter until 2004. In 1992 he was elected a member ( Fellow ) of the British Academy .

Bosworth published several hundred articles in specialist journals, as well as numerous monographs. In addition, he wrote numerous articles in the relevant encyclopaedia of his subject, such as the Encyclopaedia of Islam , the Encyclopædia Iranica , but also in the Encyclopædia Britannica and in the Encyclopedia Americana . Bosworth was editor of the Encyclopaedia of Islam .

Publications (selection)

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