Alemannia Judaica

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Alemannia Judaica is the "Working Group for Research into the History of the Jews in Southern Germany and the Adjoining Region".

It was founded on May 24, 1992 in Hohenems (Vorarlberg). The name of the working group refers to the focus of their work area, the Alemannic area in the south-west of Germany (areas of Baden-Württemberg , Alsace , German-speaking Switzerland , Vorarlberg and Swabia ). The working group includes numerous institutions in the region that have placed a focus on the processing of Jewish regional and local history, as well as private individuals who are interested in remembrance work on site.

Members of the working group meet annually in the form of an annual conference . These are each held at a place that is significant for the Jewish history of the region, so that both the activities on site can be perceived and an exchange on currently interesting questions can take place. The last annual meetings in 2015 took place in Waldshut-Tiengen (April 2015) and in Laupheim (October 2018).

The working group maintains a website that provides information on local Jewish history in southern Germany and the surrounding area.

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