Alex Liang

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Alex Liang Qing ( Chinese  梁庆 , Liang Qing ; born October 1, 1971 in Guangxi ) is an American badminton player of Chinese origin.


Alex Liang won three national titles in China before moving to the USA and becoming national champions there twice. He had already participated in the Badminton World Championship in 1993. After the end of his playing career, he became a badminton coach.

Sporting successes

season event discipline space Surname
1993 East Asian Games Mixed 2 Liang Qing / Peng Yun
1993 China Open Mixed 3 Liang Qing / Peng Yun
1994 French Open Mixed 1 Liang Qing / Peng Yun
1999 Miami PanAm International Men's doubles 1 Kevin Han / Alex Liang
1999 USA: Individual Championships Men's doubles 1 Kevin Han / Alex Liang
2000 USA: Individual Championships Men's singles 1 Alex Liang