Alfred Dörner (goldsmith)

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Alfred Dörner (* 1906 in Hagen ; † 1971 in Hagen) was a German goldsmith , silversmith and metal designer .


After an apprenticeship as a goldsmith, he studied at the Pforzheim School of Applied Arts and the Zurich Goldsmith School . He then worked as a goldsmith in Switzerland for six years. From 1934 he ran his own studio in his hometown of Hagen.

For the sun room of the Ratskeller in the town hall of Hagen Dörner made a gold-plated sphere that represents the sun on a scale of 1: 1 billion . It represents the center of the Hagen planetary model, with which, at the suggestion of the city archivist Walter KB Holz, the planetary orbits are mapped through pavement slabs in the Hagen city area.


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