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Alfred Wallon (born May 20, 1957 ) is a German author .

Alfred Wallon (2008)


Wallon published his first western The Dollar Wolves by Abilene in 1981 in Kelter Verlag as volume 41 in the US Western series . Numbers 58, 71, 85 and 94 followed. Afterwards Wallon wrote in the western series of Marken Verlag (Western Wolf no. 264 + 268, Bronson no. 12, 19 + 30). He then worked as an author for Inspector X and also wrote romance novels. In the 1990s, Wallon turned to the fantastic genre and wrote the end-time series Corrigan with Marten Munsonius . He also wrote the fantasy series Thorin and the first volumes of the horror series Murphy .

In total, Wallon wrote more than 150 novels, paperbacks and paperbacks of entertainment literature. Since 2005, Wallon has been increasingly active in the western genre again. At Bastei-Verlag he wrote 18 of the 100 volumes in the Western Legends series , all with historical themes.

Due to his commitment to the historical Western, he became a member of the "Western Writers of America" ​​in July 2006.

Alfred Wallon has largely left the magazine novel market since autumn 2006 and is now active in the book sector. He wrote the historical Indian novel Geistertanz - Wounded Knee 1890 for Persimplex-Verlag , which was published in hardcover for the Leipzig Book Fair in March 2008. Another Indian novel about the Apache Mangas Coloradas was also published by Persimplex Verlag in September 2008. In the spring of 2010, the novel "Untergang am Little Big Horn" and the historical civil war novel "Quantrill" followed. In autumn 2011, Wallon started the book series PATHFINDER at Persimplex Verlag with historical novels about mountain men, trappers and adventurers. The first three books are stories from the lives of Jedediah Smith, Daniel Boone and Lewis & Clark.

Alfred Wallon designed the Civil War Chronicles series for Mohlberg Verlag - a series about the American Civil War as well as a series of individual historical novels on American pioneering history. The first volume, "Kampf der Giganten", was published at the end of 2010. In addition, Alfred Wallon started the new edition of his historical western series Rio Concho in October 2008 as a paperback at Mohlberg-Verlag.

In Action Publishing several audio books by Alfred Wallon published - including the SF-end time thriller Dark Worlds as an exclusive re-release. A print edition is planned for spring 2014 by Verlag Torsten Low.

For BLITZ-Verlag, Windeck he designed the paperback series Arizona Legends , which starts in April 2013 and includes historical novels, the plot of which is set in the southwest of the USA (Arizona and New Mexico).

Together with the British author David Whitehead he wrote the historical westerns "All Guns Blazing" and "Cannon for Hire", which were published under the common pseudonym Doug Thorne in November 2008 and 2010 by Robert Hale in London. There are now also e-books for both titles. The collaboration with David Whitehead also led to Wallon's western series Rio Concho being published as an e-book by the English publisher Piccadilly Publishing from May 2013.

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