Alien Act

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The Alien Act ( Aliens Act ) was an English law dating back to 1705. It has been approved by the English Parliament in response to the Scottish Act of Security adopted, in turn, in response to the Act of Settlement was passed.

The law required that Scottish property in England be treated like foreign property, making inheritance almost impossible. In addition, an embargo on imports of Scottish products to England and the English colonies was planned. This would have meant a collapse in the Scottish economy, as nearly half of Scotland's economic goods, including linen, livestock and coal, were shipped to these areas.

A clause said that the law would be suspended if the Scots agreed to negotiations that would end the dispute between the two parliaments. England also offered to settle the heavy losses from the Darién project (the failed Scottish colony in Panama ). This offer eventually led to the Act of Union 1707 , which merged England and Scotland into the Kingdom of Great Britain .

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