Allée couverte from Giraumont

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The bank altar and the "bricked" walls

The Allée couverte of Giraumont (also Allée couverte de la Ganguille or the Dolmen de la Ganguille) is a gallery grave in Clavy-Warby, near Saint-Marcel in the Ardennes department near the Belgian border, in France .

Allée couverte de Giraumont

It is an east-west oriented sandstone complex with three distinctive capstones and a total of 7.8 m in length. It has its entrance in an about 1.2 m wide and 2 m long now open antechamber in the east, whose 0.6 m thick ceiling plate measures about 3.0 × 2.0 m. The cover plate is supported by two bearing stones about 1.0 × 1.0 m in size and 0.25 m or 0.40 m thick. They separate the antechamber from the main chamber, which can be reached through a triangular entrance over 1.0 m high and 0.60 m lower in width. The main chamber, which is around 5.0 m long and 1.50 m wide, is covered by two panels that are 3.0 m long and 0.6 m thick. They lie on walls made of hewn stone. This type of wall construction was long in use in the region. At the end of the chamber there is a bank altar that takes up the entire width of the chamber.

In the northeast, more than 200 m away, is the quarry from which the stones come.


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