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The Base Mérimée ( German  “Mérimée database” ) is a database of the French Ministry of Culture that lists architectural , soil and garden monuments in France . The name of the database comes from Prosper Mérimée , who from 1834 to 1860 was the second general inspector (French: inspecteur général ) in the history of the Monuments historiques (German: historical monuments) and thus the top monument protector in France.

Base Merimee was founded in 1978 and put online in 1995 . It is regularly expanded and updated. In 2005, it contained around 200,000  records on cultural monuments , of which 42,000 came from the register of historical monuments and 147,000 from France's national inventory of monuments ( Inventaire général du patrimoine culturel ). It includes religious , secular architecture in the fields of agriculture, education, military and industry and architecture of power and particularly excellent gardens and parks . Illustrations and photos from Base Mémoire , an image database on French cultural monuments, can be accessed for 35,000 entries . Comprehensive online dossiers are also available for 13,500 objects via the database .

The entries can either be accessed using a search form or using thematic lists that are sorted alphabetically. A data record records the name, location, date of protection for each property and an exact list of what is listed . In addition, information can be available about who was the builder, master builder or architect and from which epochs the buildings or parts of them come. It is not uncommon for the entries to also offer short texts on the building and ownership history as well as a link to the corresponding data records from Base Palissy , a database on mobile French cultural monuments such as furniture, paintings and church treasures .

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