Altershausen (Allendorf)

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Altershausen is a submerged village in what is now Allendorf (Eder) in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district in Hesse .


The place was east of Rennertehausen and west of the Hatzbach mill. Today the federal road 253 runs along the former settlement.


The place is first mentioned in a document in 1016. Altershausen could be related to Ellershausen . At the beginning of the 13th century one finds the "Plebanus de Aldershusen" as a people priest . 1254 a mill is called "Aldershusen". In 1263 the St. Georgenberg monastery acquired two courtyards (curias) in Aldershusen, which were Battenberg fiefs. The churchyard is mentioned as late as 1390. In 1570 the parcels of Altershausen were taken over by the Rennertehausen community. Why the place went down cannot be precisely said today. It could be related to the warlike influences under Landgrave Hermann II (Hessen) or the plague.

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