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The State Historical Information System of Hesse (LAGIS) is the digital information service of the Hessian State Office for Historical Regional Studies (HLGL), a Marburg- based department of the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art .


LAGIS offers scientifically sound information about the history and historical regional studies of Hesse from the early Middle Ages to the present that is accessible to everyone free of charge . The information system is aimed at specialist departments in the state, teachers and students, as well as a wide range of people interested in the history of Hesse. LAGIS is designed as a digital form of presentation as well as a research instrument with a wide range of research options.

Editing and development

LAGIS has been developed since summer 2003 in close cooperation with the university computer center of the Philipps University of Marburg and a growing number of cooperation partners. The system has been available online since December 1, 2004. LAGIS is made up of modules that can be researched individually and with the help of a comprehensive metasearch. Numerous images and maps as well as the possibility of a cartographically dynamic representation of the researched results are an essential part of the offer.


The modules include: a historical local lexicon for Hesse, the historical atlas of Hesse (digital), historical local views, plans and floor plans, the topics (grave monuments in Hesse up to 1650, Central Hessian field names book, Jewish cemeteries in Hesse), the landgrave registers and a LAGIS literature database. In the most recent module, “Historical Image Documents from Hesse”, historical photographs on the history and historical regional studies of Hesse have been scientifically processed since December 2008 and kept ready for a variety of questions.

The Hessian biography has been available in LAGIS since mid-April 2010 and is being developed online in cooperation with the Institute for Personal History in Bensheim. It should contain scientifically secured information on people who were born or died in Hessen or who lived and worked there for a long time and who appeared publicly. Further modules are currently being worked on.

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