America: Freedom to Fascism

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Original title America: Freedom to Fascism
Country of production United States of America
Publishing year 2006
length 105 minutes
Director Aaron Russo
production Richard Whitley , Aaron Russo
music David Benoit

America: Freedom to Fascism is an American documentary film directed by Aaron Russo .

The reason for the film was originally Russo's research on the IRS and US tax law. In the course of this research Russo came across what he said was "much more threatening." As this is a documentary, there are contributors who have been interviewed.

Contributors function
Joe Banister IRS whistleblower
Irwin ship well-known author (has written many books on the subject of the IRS)
Ron Paul Congressman (Republican)
Aaron Russo Director / writer of the film
Bob Schulz "We the people" foundation
Katherine Albrecht Founder of the consumer organization "CASPIAN"
Charlie Beall "We the people" foundation
Peter Gibbons Tax lawyer
David Champion Founder of ""

The documentation deals with the American tax authority IRS and the Federal Reserve system.

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