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The American Chemical Society , based in Washington, DC, is a scientific society founded in the United States in 1876 ​​to promote research in the field of chemistry . Acting President is Thomas J. Barton .

ACS has over 158,000 members. Official meetings on the entire field of chemistry take place twice a year, plus many smaller conferences on special topics.


Postage stamp in honor of the 75th anniversary in 1951

The ACS logo, which was designed by Tiffany & Co. and has been in use since 1909, uses a stylized symbol of a five-ball device.


ACS is the publisher of several peer-reviewed journals . The oldest of them is the Journal of the American Chemical Society , also abbreviated to JACS. While many journals are still published in print, others such as B. the magazine ACS Photonics, published since 2014, only online.

Some of the journals published by ACS regularly achieve a high impact factor in the recognized surveys and are in the top range of the corresponding subject areas in terms of the number of citations, such as the journals Nano Letters (Impact Factor 13.025 for 2013) or ACS Nano (Impact Factor 12,062 for 2013). In 2014, publications in the large number of ACS journals received a total of around 2.6 million citations. With the ACS citation method, the American Chemical Society has also developed its own citation method, which is mainly used in the chemical literature.

The ACS does not publish complete open access journals. However, depending on the journal, there is an optional model, Author Choice , in which authors can publish individual articles under Open Access, and an Editor Choice model , in which selected articles are made freely available.

In recent years there has been an increasing number of critical voices in Europe, drawing attention to the sharp rise in costs for the consortium agreements between the major publishers and universities. The ACS, although officially a "non-profit" organization, is no exception and is a driving force behind the magazine crisis . The multi-year contracts usually contain high, profit-oriented, price increases that force many universities to terminate other contracts with publishers. A parliamentary committee of the "House of Commons" complained about this as early as 2004 and suggested changes.

The ACS is also the sponsor of the US Chemistry Olympiad , and its education department also publishes standardized multiple-choice tests for various areas of chemistry. They and their specialist sections award numerous science prizes, including the Eli Lilly Award in Biological Chemistry , the Ernest Guenther Award , the Willard Gibbs Medal , the Garvan Olin Medal , the American Chemical Society Award in Pure Chemistry and the Pfizer Award in Enzyme Chemistry . The Priestley Medal is considered to be the highest honor awarded by the ACS . Until 2001 there was the Dexter Award for chemical history.

Published scientific journals

The journals published by ACS are as of June 2014:


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