Andersen Escarpment

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Andersen Escarpment
location Marie Byrd Land , West Antarctica
part of Thiel Mountains in the Transantarctic Mountains
Andersen Escarpment (Antarctica)
Andersen Escarpment
Coordinates 85 ° 8 ′  S , 91 ° 37 ′  W Coordinates: 85 ° 8 ′  S , 91 ° 37 ′  W

The Andersen Escarpment is a steep and rocky step in the Marie Byrd Land in West Antarctica . It is located south of the Reed Ridge ridge on the west side of the Ford massif in the Thiel Mountains .

It was named at the suggestion of cartographer Peter Frank Bermel and geologist Arthur B. Ford , both of whom worked for the United States Geological Survey . It is named after the Norwegian geologist and glaciologist Bjørn G. Andersen (1924–2012) from the University of Oslo , who between 1961 and 1962 carried out field research in the Thiel Mountains with Bermel and Ford.

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