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Hjalmar and Hjörvard.

Angantyr is the name of various characters in Norse mythology . They come from the Hervarar saga ok Heiðreks konungs , or the Hunnenschlachtlied handed down in it . Angantyrs rojr is a Roese on Gotland , which is named after one of these mythological people.

Angantyr the berserk

Angantyr was one of the 12 sons of the berserk Arngrim. His father gave him the magic sword Tyrfing .

Angantyr Höfundsson

Son of the court and the great . Was killed by his brother Heidrek.

Angantyr Heidreksson

Son of the Gothic king Heidrek . Half-brother of Hlöd , to whom after the death of his father he refused the payment of the entire inheritance in the form of half of all possessions and the empire with all subjects, but offered him to shower him with wealth. Hlöd refuses, not least after his mother is called a maid by a follower of Angantyr, and returns to the family of his mother, the daughter of the Hun king Humli. He plans a campaign with him against the Goths because of the insult to his daughter. When the Huns attacked, the brothers' sister, the shield maiden, was killed defending a border fortress. During the main battle that followed, Angantyr - at the beginning far outnumbered - constantly poured in new troops so that, in contrast to the Huns, the number of Goths did not decrease. Finally he and his men break through the ranks of the Huns, Humli and Hlöd are slain.


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