Anton Lorenz GmbH

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Anton Lorenz GmbH
legal form Company with limited liability
founding 1870
resolution 2010
Reason for dissolution insolvency
Seat Niederzier , Germany
Branch Timber industry

The Anton Lorenz GmbH from Huchem-stammering , Düren , North Rhine-Westphalia was a manufacturer of hardwood floors .

The company Lopark composed of the name Lo Conference and the notion Park ett, was in 1870 as a sawmill in Lich Steinstraß established for the production of broomsticks. Parquet has also been produced since 1956. Between 1974 and 1984 the plant relocated to Huchem-Stammeln, as the previous location fell victim to the Hambach opencast mine .

In the company's own sawmill, around 35,000 solid cubic meters of oak logs were cut each year, specifically for interior construction, the furniture industry, carpentry needs, as well as for wood and building materials dealers and parquet production. In the parquet factory, production was around 800,000 m² in one year. Most recently, Renate and Wolfgang Wetzler were managing directors.

A few years after the turn of the millennium, Anton Lorenz GmbH received the largest order for a single project worldwide. Around 95,000 square meters (about the area of ​​13 football fields) of parquet in the Burj Khalifa , the tallest building in the world long before its completion, was equipped with parquet made from the South American fine wood Muiracatiara ( Urunday ), specially developed for this purpose . At least 2,000 m³ of raw wood (top layer - muiratcatiara, counter-layer - walnut and oak ) were required to equip the 900 condominiums, spread over 100 floors in the building .

Despite, perhaps because of, the huge order, the company ran into economic difficulties towards the end of the decade. The insolvency administrator said in retrospect that they had "probably neglected the regular customers". The sawmill was closed on September 30, 2009. On May 26, 2010, the company filed for bankruptcy . Since no buyer could be found for Lopark, operations were discontinued in November 2010 after the remaining transactions were completed. The company Parkett Franz then took over the remaining parquet stock and sold it as well as parquet from its own production in the old company building in Huchem-Stammeln.

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