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aquatic ( synonym : aquatil ; from Latin aqua 'water') are adjectives that in the field of ecology designate those living beings that have at least their center of life in liquid water , i.e. in the aquasphere . Examples are fish , amphibians and mussels as well as aquatic plants . In addition, both adjectives can also be used quite generally in the sense of “relating to water”. The opposite of aquatic andaquatil is terrestrial (from the Latin terra ' earth ', ' land ').

480 to 460 million years ago - in the early Ordovician - according to current knowledge, the first living beings succeeded in changing from an aquatic way of life to a terrestrial one. Either early species of ornamental algae from the group of Streptophyta or chandelier algae (Charophyceae or Charales) performed this so-called shore leave .

The science of aquatic organisms is hydrobiology .


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    Solid cell wall prepared for shore leave
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