Arani publishing house

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The arani publishing house was in 1947 by Arno Scholz in West Berlin founded.


The publisher initially published political books and Berlin literature. One of the greatest successes of the initial phase was the 1951 reference work Who is who? The German who's who and publications about the “ Third Reich ”. The founder formed the publisher's name from his own and his wife's first name.

In 1974 there was a change of ownership; under Horst Meyer, the focus of the publishing program was placed on the subject of Berlin . During these years the publication of poems and prose texts from the estate of Mascha Kaléko began . Since the beginning of the 1980s, reflections on the Berlin language and Berlin jokes as well as new editions of old Berlin novels, such as the Buchholz family series by Julius Stinde and Erdmann Graesers Koblanks, have appeared .

In 1990 the publishing house was taken over by the Berlin publisher Volker Spiess in his publishing community. The cultural and historical discovery of the city of Berlin was named as an additional focus of the publishing house. In 2002 the publication activity was stopped.

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