Archidamos IV.

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Archidamos IV. ( Greek  Ἀρχίδαμος ) was a king of Sparta from the Eurypontid dynasty in the 3rd century BC. He was a son of King Eudamidas I and Archidamia . His siblings were Agesistrata and Agesilaos.

When Archidamos succeeded his father in the royal office is unclear, as there is little source material about the kings of Sparta during the Hellenistic period . Archidamos himself is only known through the confrontation of Sparta with Demetrios Poliorketes in 295/4 BC. Known against whom he was defeated in a field battle at Mantineia . Demetrios then advanced as far as Laconia , where he again defeated the Spartans, of whom 200 were killed and 500 captured.

The further fate of Archidamos IV and the year of his death are unclear. Since he was never mentioned again, his death is being considered at Mantineia; on the other hand, his survival in military defeat may have led to the loss of all prestige and thus to political and historical insignificance. In any case, his son Eudamidas II followed him.



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