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Decorative cover of the Architectural Album 1838
Title page of the architectural album

The Architectural Album was an architecture magazine edited by the Architects' Association in Berlin , which was published at irregular intervals from 1838 to 1848 by Ferdinand Riegel in Potsdam and then by Ernst & Korn in Berlin until 1862 . A total of 20 booklets with six pages each were published.

In the foreword of the first issue, the editors put the emphasis on simpler buildings on the one hand because of the lower construction costs, on the other hand also to direct the applicability of the beautiful shapes to those buildings and facilities that are often too neglected in ordinary life . This shows a relationship with the Architectural Sketchbook, which was published at the same time . The Architectural Album should not only be aimed at architects and builders, because with regard to the presentation of the designs to be published one will endeavor not only to show the greatest clarity of the respective arrangement in general, but also to follow the implementation down to the smallest detail, so that the building craftsmen concerned as bricklayers, carpenters, joiners, castles, potters, etc., will find their full satisfaction in this. In the text section of the architectural album, explanations of the sheets appeared, which were mostly written by the master builders and architects involved.

The close connection between the Architectural Album and the Architects' Association is evident from the subtitles edited by the Architects' Association in Berlin or Architectural Drafts from the collection of the Architects' Association in Berlin . This is expressed in the publication of exemplary drafts from the association's monthly competitions, in each of which an exemplary construction task had to be solved. From the foreword of the new edition it can be seen that the magazine also served to communicate with the members of the architects' association who had left Berlin after completing their training: It was therefore a natural wish of the foreigners to have more excellent performances [of the monthly competitions] see and receive in memory of your stay here .

Various well-known architects are represented with contributions, such as Karl Friedrich Schinkel with the reconstruction of the Tuscum and Laurentinum of Pliny , Friedrich August Stüler with drafts for a bathhouse, Albert Dietrich Schadow with the St. Peter and Paul Church in Berlin-Wannsee, Eduard Knoblauch and Ludwig Persius with the designs for the greenhouses, the orangery and the sailor's house at Glienicke Palace .

Examples of engravings and lithographs from the Architectural Album

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