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Logo of the archive of youth cultures

The Archive of Youth Cultures is an association based in Berlin, whose aim is to collect, research and impart knowledge about youth cultures and living environments. This includes collecting and archiving authentic testimonies from youth , pop and subculture as well as collecting and evaluating scientific literature.

In addition, the archive of youth cultures is active in the area of ​​research and communication of youth, pop and subculture. This includes the implementation of research projects, the implementation of and participation in specialist conferences and educational events (such as youth cultural workshops on group- related enmity ) as well as the placement and provision of speakers and testimonials from youth, pop and subculture.

Library and archive work

A bookshelf in the archive of youth cultures.
A look into the library in the archive of youth cultures

The library and archive area in the archive of youth cultures includes an extensive collection of youth, pop and subcultural materials, such as magazines, books, textiles, posters, audios, videos, buttons and stickers. There is also the largest publicly accessible fanzine collection in Europe.

The focus of the collection is on scenes such as punk, techno, metal, football, skinhead, graffiti and queer-feminist subcultural contexts. The collection also includes materials on mainstream pop and commercial youth magazines. The portfolio also includes special collections such as the former Kassel Graffiti Archives, the former Berlin rock and Poparchiv or part of the estate of ex Planetcom -Geschäftsführers Ralf Regitz .

The archive of youth cultures has a reference library in Berlin-Kreuzberg and a reading room in which library and archive material can be viewed. Since 2016, the archive of youth cultures has also had an OPAC (online catalog) in which parts of the library and the collection are listed.

The library and collection in the Archives of Youth Cultures receive no structural funding and are therefore permanently threatened. The two library and archive projects “Berliner Pop- und Subkulturarchiv” (2014–2016) and “Sub- und Popkulturarchiv International” (2018–2021) have made a significant contribution to the professionalization of the archive, but cannot or could not cover all needs.

Educational work

A workshop of the Archives of Youth Cultures

Political education work has been a central field of activity of the Archive of Youth Cultures eV for more than 15 years. In addition to being recognized as an independent provider of child and youth welfare, the Archive of Youth Cultures has also been a recognized provider of political education since 2010. In its political mediation work, the archive offers a variety of different educational and exhibition projects on youth cultures and group-related misanthropy.

Current projects

  • “Culture on the Road” - educational work for young people in the context of right-wing extremism, racism, anti-Semitism and sexism
  • “Diversity Box” on sexual and gender diversity
  • “The z / wide view” - exhibition about youth cultures and discrimination

Previous projects

  • New Faces - With culture and media against anti-Semitism
  • Self-directed
  • City skins
  • Co-design: digital service for refugees and supporters
  • Music of the future Reloaded
  • Migrant youth and youth cultures
  • Right scene out in the east too

Research work

Fanzines in the archive of youth cultures

The Archive of Youth Cultures supports research on youth and youth cultures through its collection, library and the expertise of its employees. It continues to carry out projects on these topics itself and researches above all objects from its own collection - both independently and in conjunction with other scientific institutions.

Current projects

  • Y-KLRMPFNST made understandable! Pilot project for the digital edition of (fan) zines

Previous projects

  • JuBri - techniques of youthful bricolage
  • UnBoxing - conception for the digitization of (fan) zines as youth cultural artifacts

Fundraising campaign

The campaign picture of the fundraising campaign

With the fundraising campaign “More than just half the battle. Help the archive of youth cultures to stay in Kreuzberg ”on the GoFundMe platform , the archive of youth cultures has been drawing attention to a current emergency since November 2019. An upcoming move as well as disruptive grants put a strain on the association financially and the work in terms of content. There is a shortage of 45,000 euros in 2020 to pay the rent.


In 1997 the archive of youth cultures was founded as a non-profit organization by Klaus Farin , Gabriele Rohmann , Ansgar Klein and Eberhard Seidel, among others . The founding members came mainly from the youth scene, media and science.


  • 2003: Prize of the Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance
  • 2007: Prize of the Youth Forum in the House of Representatives
  • 2009: Selected location in the competition "Germany - Land of Ideas"
  • 2010: Culture Prize of the Cultural Political Society
  • 2012: Berlin advice for democracy "Respect wins!"
  • 2013: Dieter Baacke Prize of the Society for Media Education and Communication Culture (GMK)

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