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Klaus Farin (2017)

Klaus Farin (* 1958 in Gelsenkirchen - Buer ) is a German activist , writer , publicist and publisher .


Klaus Farin published his first magazine in his Gelsenkirchen high school at the age of 15 . He published his first book at the age of 20, and Günter Wallraff wrote the foreword . In 1980, Farin moved to Berlin mainly because of the lively youth scene . In 1981 he was accepted into the Association of German Writers (VS) on the recommendation of Chairman Bernt Engelmann .

In 1997 Farin founded the Archive of Youth Cultures as an association with journalists and scientists Joachim Kersten , Gabriele Rohmann , Ansgar Klein and Eberhard Seidel , which has set itself the task of collecting and evaluating testimonies from and about youth cultures and making them accessible to the public again. Until 2011 he was the honorary director and chairman of the board of the association.

In 2003, the Archive of Youth Cultures began to publish its research results, but also the testimonies of young people, a publishing house of the same name, which Klaus Farin also runs as a voluntary managing director to this day. In 2016 the publisher was renamed Hirnkost Verlag. It is owned by association members, authors of the publishing house and the Respekt! Foundation. This was also created in 2011 from the archive of youth cultures. Its board consists of former board members of the Archive of Youth Cultures eV, the chairman is Klaus Farin.

Farin is a member of the board of the Aktion Courage eV association, the sponsor of Schools without Racism - Schools with Courage , of which his friend and co-author Eberhard Seidel is the managing director.

Farin has been working as a freelance political educator since the 1980s and regularly goes on lecture tours in German-speaking countries. He has lived in Berlin-Neukölln since 1980 .


Farin mainly deals with youthful subcultures in his works .

Together with Eberhard Seidel-Pielen , Farin wrote the volume War in the Cities in 1991 , which, due to its novel approach of allowing young people to have their own say, became “a standard work of modern youth social research”. This work resulted in a longer occupation with the topic of right-wing radical youth / neo-Nazis and skinheads , which was followed by numerous publications on other youth cultures.

A study published by Farin on December 1, 2005, with the thesis “the right-wing scene in the East is out”, led to widespread criticism, also from his colleagues in the archive of youth cultures .

In 2011, Farin caused a sensation as chairman of the Archive of Youth Cultures when he had a research project of the archive on "The Autonomous", from which the book of the same name emerged in 2015, funded from the left-wing extremism fund of the Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth Public delivery of the approval notification to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

His book Frei.Wild: South Tyrol's conservative anti-fascists about the controversial band Frei.Wild , published in catalog form with many pictures, met with criticism. As the anti-fascist journalist Andreas Speit reports in the TAZ, the controversial book was advertised by School without Racism - School with Courage , which Farin is part of. SOR is managed by Farin's friend and co-author Eberhard Seidel as managing director. Several daily newspapers then gave Farin the opportunity to take a stand in detailed interviews. Farin proceeded with the book similar to his bestseller about the band Böhse Onkelz by interviewing a total of 4,206 fans.

To date, Farin has published 30 books with a total print run of over 300,000 copies. In addition to his focus on youth cultures and migration / flight, his work also includes literary biographies on Karl May and Hans Fallada . Excerpts from his publications appeared in over 60 school books. He was a collaborator and editor of several magazines, made films and produced radio plays and features

In 2010 Klaus Farin was awarded the Culture Prize of the Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft for the archive of youth cultures. On January 15, 2019, he received the Federal Cross of Merit (officially: "Cross of Merit on Ribbon") from the Federal President for his "services to child and youth culture in German-speaking countries".



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