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Archive releases

description German specialist journal for archiving
First edition March 1951
attitude 1994
ISSN (print)

Archive messages was the leading specialist journal for archives in the GDR .

Issue no. 1 of the archive messages appeared in March 1951 with a print run of 1000 copies and was published by the archives department in the Ministry of the Interior of the German Democratic Republic at the Deutsche Zentralverlag in Berlin . Issue 2 was published in August 1951 in a 2000 edition.

The editors announced that the first issue of the archive messages should provide an introduction to the most important problems and tasks of today's archiving system and an overview of its development in the GDR and that it should serve the same purpose of printing the basic ordinances, orders and provisions that have been made up to now have been issued in the field of archives in the GDR. In the following booklets, the indicated technical questions and areas of work of the archivists were detailed and partly. treated in depth. In addition to the technical issues, some of which are still topical and provided targeted support to generations of archivists or employees in archives, historical topics were dealt with, most of which were closely linked to political statements.

The archive communications were initially only printed as manuscripts and appeared as required, initially four issues a year were planned. Over time, the subtitle of the changed archive messages in Journal of Theory and Practice of archive system . It was published by the State Archives Administration of the German Democratic Republic in Potsdam, with six issues recently being published annually. With issue 5/1990, the Central Archives Office of the GDR took over the publication of the magazine.

After the reunification, the archive messages tried in vain to assert themselves against the German specialist journal of archives, Der Archivar . In 1994 the publication of the archive announcements was stopped.

The title "Archive Messages" was u. a. 1995 for the information published in Bielefeld by the regional church archive of the Evangelical Church of Westphalia and 1995 for the information published in Düsseldorf by the regional church archive of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland.



Principles of order and description for archives - OVG of the GDR